Digital Hybrid Wireless®, Micro Beltpack Transmitter

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The SSM/E01 is ideal in theatrical or any other production where concealment in costuming is required. In spite of its tiny size, the transmitter offers an extensive feature set and performance on par with all of the Digital Hybrid Wireless® models.

Frequencies are selectable in 100 kHz or 25 kHz steps across a maximum tuning range of 76.7 MHz. This yields a total of 3072 available frequencies across three standard frequency blocks. The tuning range varies in other blocks to meet applicable frequency allocations.

The servo bias input accepts mic or line level signals with a wide range of gain adjustment in 1 dB steps. Accurate LED indications on the keypad allow precise gain adjustments to be made for the maximum signal to noise ratio and minimum distortion. The limiter in the preamp can cleanly handle signal peaks over 30 dB above full modulation, allowing the input gain to be set high enough to achieve the maximum signal to noise ratio, yet provide protection against input overload.

Compatibility with earlier analog Lectrosonics receivers, Lectrosonics IFB receivers and some receivers from other manufacturers is provided by DSP emulation modes selected in the LCD menu.

The SSM is available in three different frequency blocks:

470.100 – 537.575 MHz 470, 19, 20
537.600 – 614.375 MHz 21, 22, 23
614.400 – 691.175 MHz 24, 25, 26

Tunable across three standard frequency blocks (76.8 MHz)

Digital Hybrid Wireless® audio for compandor-free digital quality

Selectable 25 or 50 mW RF power

Compatibility modes for use with analog receivers

25 or 100 kHz tuning steps for up to 3072 selectable frequencies

Wide range input gain control in 1 dB steps

Quick change Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Audio coupled remote control

Purchased Parts Package

1x SSM/E01, Micro Belt-Pack Transmitter

1x 26995, Belt Clip

1x 27079, Antenna up Belt Clip

1x 35939, Pouch

1x 40106-1, Lithium Battery (3.7V 1000 mAH)

3x P1311, USB Port Plug

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Technical Details
Frequency Selection Steps: Selectable; 100 kHz or 25 kHz
RF Power output: Selectable; 25 or 50 mW
Pilot tone: 25 to 32 kHz; 5 kHz deviation (Digital Hybrid mode)
Frequency Stability: ± 0.002%
Deviation: ± 75 kHz max. (Digital Hybrid mode)
Spurious radiation: 60 dB below carrier
Equivalent input noise: –120 dBV (A-weighted)
Input level: Nominal 2 mV to 300 mV, before limiting Greater than 1V maximum, with limiting.
Input impedance: • Mic: 300 or 4.5 k ohm; selectable • Line: greater than 100 k ohm
Input limiter: DSP controlled, dual envelope “soft” limiter with greater than 30 dB range
Gain control range: 44 dB; digital control
Modulation indicators: Dual bicolor LEDs indicate modulation of -20, -10, 0 and +10 dB referenced to full modulation
Audio Performance (Digital Hybrid mode)
Frequency Response: 70 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-1dB)
Low frequency roll-off: –12 dB/octave; 70 Hz
THD: 0.2% (typical)
SNR at receiver output:
Note: The dual envelope “soft” limiter provides exceptionally good handling of transients using variable attack and release time constants. Once activated, the limiter compresses 30+ dB of transmitter input range into 4.5 dB of receiver output range, thus reducing the measured figure for SNR without limiting by 4.5 dBSmartNR No Limiting w/LimitingOFF 103.5 108.0NORMAL 107.0 111.5FULL 108.5 113.0
Controls: Side panel membrane switches with LCD interface for power on/off and all setup and configuration controls
Audio Input Jack: LEMO 00 Series 3-pin
Antenna: Galvanized steel, flexible wire
Battery: Lithium-ion 3.7 V 1000 mAH NP50 battery pack
Battery Life: 6 hours per charge
Weight: 2.3 ounces including lithium battery pack
Dimensions (housing): 2.3 x 1.5 x .56 in.
Emission Designator: 180KF3E


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