Viviana Cloud

A brand new device that helps you save time and keep your files safe
by uploading your recordings straight from your recorder to the cloud.


Viviana Cloud is made of 2 parts:

1. a purpose-engineered Viviana Cloud box
2. the Viviana Cloud smartphone app (iOs 14 only for now).




Switch on the Viviana cloud box, plug it into your 8-Series or MixPre Sound Devices recorder,
put your mixer-recorder into File Transfer mode, and use the app to select which files you want to upload to your own Dropbox account!

The Viviana Cloud smartphone app will help you manage and share your recordings, listen to tracks,
check your files’ metadata, share and even create sound reports!

You can use Viviana Cloud also with You can use it also with Zoom F8 and external card reader or USB drive.


Tracks anhören und Metadaten prüfen


Viviana Cloud is approved for use with Sound Devices mixer-recorders!




Viviana Cloud works with your own Dropbox secure storage to keep your files safe in the cloud.

If you don’t have WiFi on set, you can easily connect the Viviana cloud box to your mobile hotspot and upload your files on the go.




Martijn Scholte, NLFelipe Borrero CAS (Production Sound Mixer Ozark)Fidelio SoundLorenzo Millan IATSE Local 487 USAChris Welcker IATSE Local 478 USALarry Williams Jr. USA

“Viviana cloud solution, is a very promising tool. It is helping the sound recordist to step up the customer user experience to the next level.”

“I think Viviana has created a fantastic product that will revolutionize the way we store and distribute media. Welcome to the NOW of production. I no longer have to have the media on my person, I no longer have to be on the same job. Just flip on my phone open to the Viviana app and viola! The files are sent.” But what if they need to files I’m working on? No problem Connect the Viviana Magic File transfer unit to my series 8 machine and hola!! off it goes. That simple? yes! that simple”
“I don’t love having to manage uploading or exporting when I get home after a long day of shooting. If I can do it in the field and share it right away, amazing!”
“Viviana Cloud will be greatly help sound file distribution. To be able to pull up an audio file from anywhere and anytime to send to anyone is fantastic. The added bonus of being able to edit to the metadata will be of great use to clients, editors, or anyone!”
“Viviana Cloud looks like a great way to back up your data to a secure network that will provide you detailed access to your files even when you are on the go.”
“Viviana Cloud is going to be the perfect tool to compliment the “connected” mixer and offers a great way to make our jobs even easier.”

Viviana Cloud FAQ

Viviana Cloud Case Study


Our Expert Opinion

An additional data backup without much effort? Wonderful. Especially since it fits easily into any sound bag. Hopefully the box will soon be compatible with other audio recorders.

Adrian, Ambient Sales

The Viviana Cloud Box is a smart little helper to make my sound files available to the post-production with just one tap – without having to fire up the laptop after shooting.

Yannic, Ambient Head of Marketing