Modular UHF System


The VR Field Receiver system is a modular UHF design that operates with Digital Hybrid Wireless® transmitters and a variety of analog transmitters. It consists of a Venue Field wideband receiver (VRFIELD), one to six plug-in receiver modules and a built-in antenna multi-coupler. LecNet2 software is included for setup, monitoring and control. Each individual receiver can be used by itself for phase switched diversity reception, with one audio channel per receiver.

For more robust diversity reception, adjacent receivers can be paired and used for ratio diversity or frequency diversity reception. A battery compartment in the assembly accepts standard “NP” style batteries. Batteries must be charged outside of the VR Field with chargers designed for the specific battery type in use.

Chassis Models


VR Field Receiver system (Wideband Mid)
Block 21 (537,600) to 29 (767,900)


VR Field Receiver system (Wideband Low)
222 MHz bandwidth
Block 470 (470,100) bis 26 (691,100)

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Technical Details
Digital Hybrid Wireless© system
Ultra portable and self-contained
Six-channel modular configuration
_NP1_ style battery power
3 different diversity reception schemes
256 synthesized UHF frequencies per receiver module
DSP modes for use with analog wireless systems
LCD interface for setup and monitoring
USB and RS-232 computer interface for control and programming with included software


Digital Hybrid Wireless™ Compact Receiver


Synthesized UHF Belt-Pack IFB Receiver


Dual-Channel Slot Mount ENG Receivers


Dual-Channel Slot Mount ENG Receivers


Digital Hybrid Wireless® LR Receiver