Multi-pin Snake Cable for 552 Field Mixers

User Guide

The XL-10 is a high-quality multi-pin breakout and extension cable designed specifically for Sound Devices 664 Field Mixer and the 552 Field Mixer . The XL-10 provides easy access to the balanced outputs and stereo return A connection on the multi-pin of the 664 and the 552.

The XL-10 can be used with or without its 20-foot extension length.

The XL-10 also works with the discontinued 442 Field Mixer.

Technical Details
Low capacitance, highly-flexible Belden multipair cable with superior EMI rejection.
Neutrik XLR, Hirose Multipin, and Switchcraft right angle 3.5 mm connectors
In-line Hirose connections allow extension segment to be removed—no extension length is needed
Strain-relief shrink wrap at all connector points
Segment 1: 10-pin Hirose male to 10-pin Hirose female for extension length, wired straight-through
Segment 2: 10-pin Hirose male to XLRM-3 (x2) and 1/8-inch male
Cable Length: 20 ft extension length, 2 ft breakout length, approximate, from connector to connector