HHA Stories

350 HHA II adaptor with Japanese PA companies

Two of the biggest Japanese PA companies, Come stock, Inc. and SBS, recently caught the audio industry’s attention when they changed their complete wireless stock from Sennheiser and Trantec to Lectrosonics. The component that enabled this drastic system change was the Ambient HHA II.  As both companies own a big number of Neumann mircophone heads, they were thrilled to learn about the possibility to combine the sound of their trusted microphones with a modern, companderless wireless system.

With 112 handheld microphones combined with HHA II models, Come stock now uses this new wireless technology in big theater shows, such as the successful Japanese version of the Broadway musical ‘Rent’.  When speaking about the recent production of the show at Tokyo’s Theatre Creation which is located in the Hibiya district of the city, Norihiro Matsuyama explained, “The show is one of the most important musicals in the world, and in Japan, it has become more and more popular.”

Tokyo’s Show Biz Studio (SBS) has a long tradition of working in traditional kabuki, where there is nothing more important than clarity and quality of audio.

Now, 288 adaptors are used by SBS along with Neumann microphone heads. Thanks to the HHA II, they are able to use all their proven microphone heads while benefiting from higher signal to noise ratio, thanks to the 15V supplied by the Ambient adaptor along with the Lectrosonics HH.


Heino at Wacken festival 2013 with HHA-S adaptor.



The famous German Schlager- and today Rock star is an institution in Germany`s pop world since 1965. Like all experienced singers he knows his voice and how it sounds best. His choice was a Neumann KK105 microphone head and a Sennheiser 5000 series wireless system. The frequency changes through the digital dividend in Germany caused that his system would not work anymore. Heino’s sound engineering team of “Jordans & Hompesch” preferably works with a Shure UR series system which is not compatible with the KK105.

Thanks to the HHA-S adaptor Heino could stick with his favorite sound and the sound engineers were not forced to work with an unfamiliar system.

“After exceedingly testing the setup without any problems we decided that is our new preferred setup for Heino” stated Jonathan Querg from Jordans & Hompesch.

With more than 120.000 participants Wacken is by far the biggest Metal festival in the world. Nobody would choose to work with equipment which isn’t 100% bullet proof.

“The Ambient adaptors give us the possibility to fulfill the technical rider without altering our proven technologies.”



20 HHA-S at Darmstadt state theatre.

Staatstheater Darmstadt, Zuschauerraum Großes Haus

In 2012 the Darmstadt State Theatre replaced its existing wireless microphone system with a Sony DWX and Ambient Handheld Adaptors.
“The most important audio-feature of a wireless system is to be nothing than transparent, so you have just an equivalent alternative to the wired version of the same microphone. Thanks to the high quality of digital transmition, the Sound using the Sony Wireless is created only by the actor and the specific character of the microphone capsule we use. With the widely spread Shure Mount of the Sony DWM and the Ambient Recording handheld adaptors we are finally free to choose the best matching microphones for all different purposes, whether dynamic or condenser.” states Alfred Benz, Head of Sound Technology and Sound Engineering at the Darmstadt States Theatre.

A total of 20 HHA-S adaptors were supplied by Ambient Recording. With these and the 20 DWM-02D handheld transmitters the Darmstadt sound crew is capable to fulfill all artists needs on 4 stages in the house, conform to their specifications in the riders. Finally after a long period, where wireless manufacturers confined the users to their microphone spefications, the Ambient HHAs creates a totally new freedom of choice.

With the new HHA-SSH, the theatre allready tested and ordered, also Sennheiser and Neumann microphone heads made for the 2000 and 9000 series can now be used with their Sony system.