HHA II-S Handheld Adapter

Adapts Neumann® and Sennheiser® microphone heads for handhelds with Shure® Mount

Made out of solid aluminum, this unobtrusive device lets you match your favorite microphone sound with your favorite wireless handheld. The adaptor allows to mount heads for the Sennheiser® SKM 5000 series such as the highly acclaimed Neumann® KK 104 and 105 to any transmitter that uses the widely spread Shure® mount.

An active power converting circuitry steps up the 5V Bias voltage found on those systems to Sennheiser®-typical 7V.

For use with Lectrosonics® handhelds please proceed to the HHA II which provides a smaller body for the HH.

The HHA II-S adds only 9 mm length to the system



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Technical Details

- switchable 7V/15V

- OD=37mm

- visible height: approx. 9mm

- Height: 22mm

- Material (body):anodized, pearl blasted aluminum

- Material (contacts): gold plated

- Weight (without ring): 24g

Purchased Parts Package

1 x HHA II-S