Master Lockit – Sound Devices Control

Master Lockit functionality to Sound Devices 6-Series Mixer / Recorders and 788T Recorders


Remote control your Sound Devices recorder

Remote Features

With Firmware 4.10, we integrate remote functionality for the renowned Sound Devices 633, 664, 688, and 788T into the Master Lockit‘s capabilities. The new Remote Control Tab in the Master Lockit‘s web interface provides wireless access to the most important recorder functions like Record Start / Stop, Track Naming, Track Arming, Metadata entry for the current and upcoming clip, Circle & Waste Clip, Track Metering (with the 788T), Access to the metadata of the last clips.

Audio Professionals can also combine the added control of Master Lockit along with CL-12/ Alaia Linear Fader Controllers as they perform seamlessly together for even more powerful control of 6-Series Recorders.

As Lockit functions are available through the Timecode and ACN Radar tabs, it has never been easier to focus on the ever-important audio recording while simultaneously controlling timecode and monitoring battery status of all ACN devices on the set.

Cross-Platform Elegance

The Master Lockit control surface is self-contained and accessible from any device with a browser and WiFi – so it is not bound to a specific platform like iOS or Android. In other words, any device with integrated WiFi and browser can connect to the ACN-ML web interface without limitation.

Thanks to its responsive design, the control interface will always automatically adjust to your screen size. This not only enables use of a notebook on the sound cart, it allows seamlessly switching to a smartphone for run-and-gun situations.

Track Metering with 788T and Excel sound reports

Export Excel

Track Metering with 788T

When the Master Lockit is connected to a Sound Devices 788T, the remote control interface features full track metering.

Although the 788T LED meters on the unit will maintain optimum accuracy as it does not have the inherent latency of WiFi, this new remote metering option provides a larger meter reference on tablets and computers that is much easier on the eyes.

Export Excel sound reports directly from the ACN-ML

In addition to all the previously mentioned new features introduced with firmware 4.10, sound reports are available when using the Master Lockit along with 6-Series and 788T models.
These edit-friendly Excel format reports can be exported  daily or within user-definable time increments.


This is all you need


6-Series – Master Lockit

The MLC-HID cable is required to connect Sound Devices 6-Series Mixer / Recorders to a Master Lockit. This cable interconnects the ACN port of the Master Lockit to the USB port of the either the 6-Series mixer or the keyboard port of the CL-12. This cable is available through all Ambient Resellers worldwide.
Note: This cable features an active chip within the USB connector. The ACN-USB cable will not work. 
Works only with Sound Devices 6-Series units running fw 3.1 or higher.

788T – Master Lockit

The MLC-CL cable is required to connect the Sound Devices 788T recorder to a Master Lockit. This cable interconnects the ACN port of the Master Lockit with the C-Link In of the 788T.
This cable is available through all Ambient Resellers worldwide.

Firmware Download