Cantar Mini

Digitaler Audiorekorder für höchste Ansprüche

10 Analogue and Digital Inputs

4 ultra low noise analogue mic pre-amps with very high quality Lundahl transformers and 48V phantom powering.
2 analogue balanced line input
2 AES42 mode 2 pairs
All analogue and digital inputs have limiters, high pass filters, parametric EQ variable gain and digital delay

12 Analogue and Digital Outputs

8 analogue balanced line level outputs
4 AES digital outputs
All line outputs have digital delay
4 Recording Media
Record and playback to and from internal mSATA 256 GB SSD drive
Simultaneous recording to internal SSD, two SD cards and USB external drive


Metering and Controls

Large custom swiveling display panel under protective gorilla glass: ultra bright for working in bright sunlight, fully and automatically adjustable for other light conditions

The display shows all the information needed during recording with media, batteries, timecode and metadata to the left and ultra clear full scale metering to the right

The meters expand to the number to tracks selected. There is a choice of meter scaling and the mix can be displayed on the left of the right

Large rotary control selector for easy operations in any situation – with or without gloves

Ten channel on board linear mixer. Fully assignable à la Cantarem with ultra smooth 80mm magnetic linear faders

Direct access to monitoring presets with push button selectors with other set-up functions through the main selector and dedicated buttons


Two identical on board quick release lithium smart batteries ensure seamless switchover during recording and when hot swapping.

More than 6 hours recording time from two internal batteries

Batteries are ‘intelligent’ with full monitoring of remaining capacity and run time on the display

XLR4 DC 13-17v input for external power when working on the cart or for an additional portable battery with selectable changeover voltage

DC output to power accessories

General Specifications

Ultra rigid housing machined from a solid billet of avionic aluminum – similar to the unibody MacBook Pro.

Water and dust resistant

Open mechanical structure with independent analogue, digital and display modules for easy maintenance and anti-obsolescence, making future upgrades possible.

Dimensions: 259 X 234 X 90 mm – (10.2 x 9.2 x 3.5”)

Weight: 2.3 Kg – (2.8 Kg with two internal batteries)


6 Balanced Analogue TA3 for mic/line inputs

DB15 AES42 mode 2 inputs and AES3 outputs

DB25 for balanced analog line outs

1 RJ45 for ethernet connection

2 USB for keyboard and other external devices

1 6mm headphone jack

1 3.5mm headset / external slate mic input

1 XLR4 DC Input

1 Hirose 4 pin DC out for accessories

1 Lemo 5 for timecode in/out

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for app based communication

Capable of recording 16 tracks at 24bit, 192kHz, with channel delays and eq
Any input can be routed to any of the tracks
All tracks and inputs can be routed to 8 analog auxiliary outputs and /or digital outputs
Linear faders are assignable to any input, track or output
The inputs are routed to iso tracks and to either 1 or 2 mix tracks.
Inputs can be routed directly to outputs without recording them for comms etc.
The mix can be assigned to any of the tracks
Simultaneous recording to multiple media, or backup copying of recorded tracks post-record
Interface menu accessible through buttons, jog wheel and external keyboard
High Quality headphone amp with access to headphone presets with pre and post fade monitoring of playback
All input, output, monitoring and routing setups are available through comprehensive and intuitive menus and can be saved to use at a later date or on another X3 Mini
16 or 24-bit Broadcast Wave File recording at sample rates from 44.1kHz~192kHz with support for pullup/down recording rates
Sample rate converters on Digital Inputs
Variable Delay on all analogue and digital inputs and all analogue and digital outputs
30 Second Pre-Record Buffer
Generous 48V Phantom supply guarantees 8mA to each of the 4 Mic inputs
High-Pass filters are applied before preamp and EQ stage
All inputs analogue and digital have parametric eq adjustment
Native Monophonic BWF recording with optional Polyphonic real-time mirroring to removable media
Self-Generated PDF and CSV Sound Reports, with ALE file embedded with deliverable media
Metadata entry of Scene, Take, Notes, Track Names, Roll and more with support for US and Euro-centric metadata templates, with extended track names and comments, enterable either in pre-record or during record
Scene/Take file naming structure
Aaton AutoSlate automatic slate clap detection and logging
Built-in slate mic with external slate mic input on 3.5mm jack with phantom power
High Precision 1ppm Timecode generator supports all commonly used frame rates
Remote Record and Stop triggered by external timecode
Enhanced playback monitoring with waveform display
M/S Recorded Tracks automatically decoded to L/R for mixdown and/or monitoring
USB keyboard input for easy metadata editing, recorder setup and routing control
X3 reads and displays battery metadata