Wireless Remote Control for the 6-Series Mixer/Recorder Line

Quick Start Guide

“The Wingman iOS-based application puts control of any 6-Series mixer in the palm of your hand.”

Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Design & Management, Sound Devices, LLC

Work Smarter & Even Faster

Gain convenient, affordable remote control of your 688, 664, and 633 with Wingman, an iOS-based application. The 6-Series mixers require the WM-Connect and the Wingman app is free. Wingman provides clear views of metering and timecode display on the larger screens of iOS smartphones and tablets.

The touchscreen interface is easy to use and provides fast remote-control access to key 6-Series functionality. With Wingman, users can:

  • View meters, timecode, & framerate
  • Start and stop audio recordings
  • Enter & edit metadata
  • Arm, disarm, & name tracks
  • Circle a take
  • Designate False takes
  • Manage & create sound reports on the mixer
  • Email sound reports from iOS device

Bluetooth® Smart USB Technology

The WM-Connect is a required hardware accessory for the 6-Series mixer/recorder line that enables control of the mixers from the Sound Devices Wingman wireless interface app on iOS mobile devices.

Wingman requires the WM-Connect hardware accessory to enable control of the 6-Series mixer/recorder line. It is a small, Bluetooth Smart USB dongle that easily inserts into the USB-B port of the mixer, via one of the included USB A-to-B adapters. For cart-based workflows, the accessory may also be inserted into the keyboard port of an attached CL-12 linear fader controller.

Workflow Convenience

When multiple 6-Series mixers are on set and equipped with a WM-Connect, Wingman will display all available devices within range. Users may easily and efficiently switch connection from one mixer to another from within the app.


Key Features

  • Compatible with:
    – iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS v8.0 or later
    688, 664, & 633 running 6-Series firmware v4.00 or later
  • Required: WM-Connect, a Bluetooth® Smart USB accessory from Sound Devices
  • Typical Line of Sight Range for WM-Connect:
    About 50 feet, depending on RF conditions
  • Remotely start/stop audio recordings
  • Quickly arm / disarm tracks; rename tracks
  • Edit metadata on the 6-Series mixers; real-time updates
  • Tap touch screen to circle takes & designate False takes
  • Create sound reports on the mixer; email reports (.csv file) from iOS mobile device
  • Remotely monitor metered levels (and automixing activity on 688)