Zaxcom – Internal Recording

Records timecoded audio files

All of Zaxcom wireless has a unique feature that is not available in any other wireless systems. Each of Zaxcom’s TRX belt pack, plug-on and, camera link transmitter features a built-in two track timecode recorder.  This feature allows the inputted audio to be recorded directly to a removable micro SD card.

You can use the transmitter as a standalone recorder. So if you need to record talent for long periods of time or, if they are going to wander off on their own out of reception range, just wire them up and you can cleanly capture hours of high quality timecoded audio. In that situation you can also optionally shut of the RF transmitter portion and use the TRX in record only mode to extend the battery life.

The recorder can also give you the confidence that you can cleanly capture high quality, drop out free audio regardless of how harsh of an RF environment you are in. You can set up the recorder to be in constant record mode where it is recording all the time, or you can set it up to go into record when the scene begins. This system is like having an infinite virtual multi-track where you have no track or range limits.

The recorder is capable of recording 96 hours of full bandwidth 24 bit timecoded audio on a single card. The recorder utilizes Zaxcom’s Mobile Audio Recording Format or MARF. MARF is an ultra stable, loss-less fault tolerant recording system that will give you confidence that in the event of power loss, due to dead batteries, all audio up to the exact point that the TRX lost power will be preserved. The files are recorded as a .zax file extension and can be quickly and easily be converted to both industry standard BWF and MP3 file, while maintaining its timecode and metadata. All that is needed is ZaxConvert, a free utility that can be downloading from the Zaxcom web site.