ACN Partner

Join the ACN partner program and provide your customer the most accurate timecode in the industry.

ACN – Ambient Communication Network

  • Wireless timecode & metadata transmission
  • Automatized configuration
  • Easy workflow on set
  • Reliable timecode with zero drift
  • Long-range radio
With the ability to wirelessly control all device clocks on the set, the ACN delivers accuracy on video line level while syncing picture with sound (production cameras with sound recorders). Along with its innovative, time-saving metadata collection/management system and distribution of our world-renowned timecode, the ACN guarantees smooth, cost-effective workflow from the set to post-production.

Hardware Partners

Implement the ACN into your own hardware design.

Interface Partners

Connect your hardware to the ACN for frame-accurate metadata processing.

Software Partners

Connect to the MasterLockit API over WiFi to ingest frame-accurate metadata into your product.

Hardware Partners

The Lockit OEM module with full ACN capabilities offers equipment manufacturers cost-effective and effortless integration of Ambient’s highly acclaimed timecode and metadata network right into their products.
  • No need for connecting an external timecode device
  • Automated setup and configuration
    – ACN, UART and RED Command Protocol (RCP)
  • Plug-in module for easy integration
    – m.2 Interface
    – 25mm x 26mm footprint
    – U.FL antenna socket
    – UART command protocol
  • Lockit timecode and metadata transceiver on-board
    – Market-leading, industry grade VCTCXO with .1ppm accuracy
    – IEE 802.15.4 LRW Pan Radio
    – 2.4 GHz, 16 selectable channels
    – SMPTE & MTC Timecode standards
  • API control interfacing over UART and USB1080 i, PsF, and P tri-level sync outputPPF shutter syncword clock


OMOD – Modules for RED DSMC2 cameras with wireless timecode and metadata link.


Millennium DXL – the pinnacle in camera technology with integrated ACN technology.


Dolly with integrated frame-accurate position logging and timecode source for mounted cameras.

Dimensional Imaging

Dimensional Imaging (DI4D™) is a world leading facial performance capture company providing high fidelity facial data for triple A video games, movies such as “Blade Runner 2049”. DI4D uses the Ambient ACN-NLM in their Head Mounted Camera (HMC) to sync and remote control the 2 integrated cameras and multiple units while capturing high quality stereo facial video data with frame rates up to 60fps, raising the bar on the quality of performance driven facial animation in visual effects and video games.

Interface Partners

Connect your hardware with the ACN for frame-accurate metadata processing.

Available interfaces
  • RS232 / Serial
  • Ethernet
  • Wifi transport API

ARRI implemented a deep interfacing with Ambient Lockits even before digital cameras took over.
Clip-based metadata processing on ALEXA Classic line with MasterLockit

For over 100 years, Cooke has been at the centre of the filmmaking business not only renowned for their famous “Cooke Look” but also leading by introducing new technologies such as the awarded and acclaimed /i Lens Data interface and protocol providing previously unavailable details of  lens information individual and unique to every lens such as mapped distortion and shading and even inertial data. Not processed by cameras to full extent, MasterLockitPlus collects all these data, stamped with timecode, and makes them available as sidecar files or as raw data over WiFi in real time. This allows for unprecedented precision and ease in post and VFX heavy productions.

Sound Devices was one the first companies to integrate a fully featured Lockit circuit into their products.
Interactive metadata exchange, remote control and sound reporting via MasterLockit with 788T and 6series field recorders

RED’s RCP protocol is fully supported by ACN.
Clip-based metadata transfer on RED cameras with CTRL socket with all ACN-enabled Lockit devices.

The groundbreaking Supreme Prime and CP.3 XD lenses are ready for Metadata exchange via ACN.
Frame-accurate metadata recording and access of ZEISS eXtended Data via MasterLockitPlus

Software Partners

Connect to the MasterLockit API over WiFi to ingest frame-accurate metadata of all connected devices into your product.
Cloud-based project management and assessment with customizable reports.
Link the LockitScript App with MasterLockit to provide frame-accurate content metadata to your post-production.

The Pixel Farm manufactures and markets innovative image-processing technologies that meet the demands of professionals working in the motion picture, broadcast TV and interactive entertainment industries. Along with continual product innovation, delivered by some of the world’s best developers, we also work closely with many leading technology partners such as Ambient to ensure our products fit into the widest variety of workflows. The Pixel Farm utilizes data collected by MasterLockitPlus to deliver the quality they have been committed to since 2002.

Acclaimed supplier of color grading and content management software for DIT.
Import clip and lens metadata directly from MasterLockit into LiveGrade and Silverstack.