ATM216 – Miniature Electret Shotgun Microphone

TinyMike, Miniature Electret Shotgun Microphone (ATM216)
Example for use (ATM216DSLR)
Example for use (ATM216AM)
Example for use (ATM216PD)

Crystal clear sound with only 30 g weight!

While offering a remarkable frequency range from 20Hz to 18kHz the Ambient microphone only weights 30g.
With its lengths of 14cm and a diameter of less than 8mm the ATM216 is even smaller than most pens.

Thanks to it’s “hyper cardoid” directivity the ATM216 TinyMike captures crystal clear sound from the front while eliminating the ambient noise coming from the side.

No additional Power or batteries needed!

This high quality miniature microphone made in Germany can work straight of the low voltage power on DSLR or small HD cameras.

Alternatively, an active Adaptor cable allows phantom powered operation, which makes it all the same a suitable accessory for the popular small HD cameras with XLR inputs.
(Available as set ATM216PH or as optional cable ATMEMP)

Highly effective InVision® shock-mount!
Meeting the requirements of most common camera types, the TinyMike Set now includes a highly effective Rycote shock-mount. Thanks to their Lyre technology® handling noise are insolated from the sensitive microphone.

This all-new TinyMike suspension is already equipped with a standard 3/8″ thread.

Thus it can immediately be used on any boom pole or microphone stand.

To mount the InVision® to a Hot/ Cold shoe we invented our sophisticated QBS mount. Thanks to the divided screw the thread can be spread when the microphone is in the perfect position. This way it will lock and protect the microphone from twisting and turning on the camera with rapid movements.

Included velvet foam wind shield!
Also included in the purchased parts package is a very efficient velvet foam wind shield. This provides perfect audio quality in most recording situations.

For even stronger wind protection an additional fur windshield (ATMWJ) is available.

Following kits are available:

ATM216DSLR - for DSLR Cameras

TinyMike (ATM216)
TinyMike Soft Suspension (ATHRY)
Adaptor Cable (ATM3.5)
Adaptor Cable (ATM3.5H)
Velvet Foam Wind Shield (ATMWS)

Purchased Parts Package

ATM216PH - for cameras with Phantom power

TinyMike (ATM216)
TinyMike Soft Suspension (ATHRY)
Active Cable (ATMEMP)
Special Suspension (ATHPD)
Velvet Foam Wind Shield (ATMWS)

Purchased Parts Package


TinyMike (ATM216)
Microphone suspension (ATHAM)
TinyMike cable bracket (ATHAM-2)
Active Cable (ATMEMPAM)
Fluffy Wind Shield (ATMWJ)
Velvet Foam Wind Shield (ATMWS)

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Technical Details
Polar pattern: hyper cardioid (mini shotgun)
Frequency response +- 2 dB: 20- 18000 Hz
Sensitivity: 17mV/Pa
Equivalent SPL rated at CCIR: 33dB
Max. SPL 1kOhm: 128dB
Dimensions: Ø 12/8 x 140 mm
Weight (without suspension): 30 g

TinyMike (PH)

ATM216 PH, TinyMike Kit for Cameras with Phantom Power