Lockit Timecode

High Accuracy Portable Timecode System

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Introduced in the mid 1990‘s with the first Lockit box, the Lockit family has become an established system for mission critical mobile timecode and synchronization tasks and was continuously refined. Based around a very accurate, temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCVCXO) the system can be calibrated in the field to a reference deviation of less than +/- 0.1ppm.

With the newly implemented ACN Continuous Jam, the drift can be brought down to 0. This allows for a synchronicity typically only found in studios, and it doesn’t require hard wiring or relying on problematic RF transmission.

Lockit units support all SMPTE TC modes, including pull up/down and drop rates, timecode over ASCII MIDI TC and the revolutionary ACN protocol.

Acknowledging this superior award winning system as a de facto industry standard a growing number of manufacturers use Ambient’s timecode technology by integrating our OEM solutions into their products.
As a result, these cameras and audio recorders are fully compatible with the Lockit system and up to par in terms of features and accuracy, bypassing the need for external synchronization.