Timecode System

High Accuracy Portable Timecode System

The highly accurate Lockit timecode system easily and intuitivly synchronizes cameras and audio recorders, making the alignment of captured material a one-click-operation. This workflow saves time and money, and helps you to focus on the creative tasks of the post production.

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Introduced in the mid 1990‘s with the first Lockit box, the Lockit family has become an established system for mission critical mobile timecode and synchronization tasks and was continuously refined. Based around a very accurate, temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCVCXO) the system can be calibrated in the field to a reference deviation of less than +/- 0.1ppm.

With the newly implemented ACN Continuous Jam, the drift can be brought down to 0. This allows for a synchronicity typically only found in studios, and it doesn’t require hard wiring or relying on problematic RF transmission.

Enjoy the comfort of remote control and wireless synchronization.


With the ability to wirelessly control all device clocks on the set, the ACN delivers line-accurate syncing of all production cameras while syncing picture with sound. Along with its innovative, time-saving metadata collection/management system and distribution of our world-renowned timecode, the ACN guarantees smooth, cost-effective workflow from the set to post-production.

Timecode Transceiver

Furthermore the ACN enables devices to become a fully-functional timecode transmitter or receiver. With the highly accurate generator running in the background taking over in case of a connection loss, timecode drop outs are relics of the past.

The new control center for all Lockits in your arsenal

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The Master Lockit adds control, flexibility and comfort to your existing Lockit setup.
Being designed to perform as central hub in your system, the unit is able to display and control all other ACN devices on set. With built-in web access, ACN system control is also available using the browser of any computer or mobile device via WiFi or ethernet. This enables you to name your Lockits and assign them to the camera or audio recorder to which they are connected.

Wireless Remote Control

What’s more, you can remotely jam sync all units on set, view battery status, set the time and user bits, use time of day, see the last clap time of the ACN-LS. Thus, one ACN-ML on your sound cart or in your bag improves efficiency by enabling control and monitor capability from a single location. Simply switch on your Lockits in the morning, set them to the correct ACN channel, and mount them on the device. The rest can be performed remotely and you always are up to date what your units are doing.

The Lockit

The new core member of the lockit family


Reads, stores and provides Cooke /i and ZEISS XD lens metadata

LockitScript App

The Ultimate Communication Tool for Motion Picture and Television Production